Mr Anto Brennan has developed a prestigious portfolio of sculptured artworks,inclusive of both private and commissioned projects. He has developed a glittering career working and communicating closely with leading Political Representatives, US Comissioners, TV Presenters, Charities, Heritage Associations and many other high profile clients. Anto has earned an internationally renowned status, read his career highlights below:

Guest appearance from Anto Brennan on the Kelly Show highlighting the artists talent.
1995 Exhibition of Northern Ireland political caricatures at  the Town Hall Theatre, Courthouse Square, Galway.
1996 Letter of thanks from The Linen Hall Library, Belfast from President Brian Walter on the donation to the library.
1997 Launch of the Political Chessmen at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.
1998 Letter from The Linen Hall Library, Belfast acknowledging Anto's Political Chessmen and inclusion in The Linen Hall Library Annual Report.
Letter of congratulations and admiration of political chess set from Paul Allen, Paul Allen Associates Ltd, Dublin.
Written communications from Mar Hutcheon, Drury Communications, regarding a meeting with Dr Mo Mowlan, Gerard O'Hare and Tom Kelly regarding future developments and thanking him fro the large sculpture of Seamus Mallon.
Written communications from Dr. Mo Mowlan thanking Anto for the postcard and agreeing to distribute them.
Written communications from Dr Mo Mowlan confirming content for corporate brochure.
Letter of thanks from Edmond Carberry, James F.Carberry & Co on the unique work involved in the political chess set
Written communications from The Kelly Show acknowledging the use of Anto's sculptures on particular features for the Kelly Show.
Confirmation form the Northern Ireland Office for Mr Anto Brennan to accompany the Secretary of State, Dr Mo Mowlan during the presentation of a chess set to Richard Branson at his offices, London.
1999 Large sculpture of Mo Mowlan for Congressman Peter T.King, Washington, D.C.
2000 Written communications to Dr Mo Mowlam regarding political chess set developments.
2001 Written communications with Terry O'Neill, Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Albany, New York regarding a proposal for a sculpture of Oversight Commissioner Tom Constantine.
2003 Chess Set presented to Gerry Adams MP and proposal for life sized figure of Francis Hughes.
2004 Extern: Presentation of sculptured statue of the Giants Causeway.
2006 Wave Trauma Centre: Donation of Titanic Chess Set for the Art WAVE event for auction to raise funds for support services.
2007 Northern Ireland Office: Sculpting of the Political Chess Set for the Lady Grey Room, Hillsborough Castle for RT HON Shaun Woodward MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
Donation of the 'Chuckle Brothers' to Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children. 
George Best Memorial Trust: Sculpture of legendary footballer George Best
2009 Creative Writers Network: Craftsmanship of 3 Trophies for the Biran Moore Short Story Awards
Letter of thanks from Age Concern for the donation of a pair of caricatures which were autographed by Dr Ian Paisely and Mr Gerry Adams for a fund raising event.
Letter of acknowledgement from Mark Davenport, BBC Ireland Correspondent concerning the assistance Anto Brennan has provided and the use of the chess board as a visual metaphor in the 'Troubles' and Peace Process.
Letter from John D. Toner, Director & General Manaer, Europa Hotel, Belfast concerning the display of the chess set within the hotel's lobby generating substantial interest from a large a varied audience.
Letter from the Irish Heritage Collection concerning the 'Pocket Politicians' and negotiations with Waterford Crystal.


2008 Spanish Civil War Momument
  Located at Writers Square, St. Annes Cathedral, Belfast.
2007 James Larkin 6ft Bronqe Sculpture cast in bronze by Cast Ltd, Dublin
  Historic Trade Union Leader & Founder of Irish Transport & General Workers Union, commissioned by the ICTU in conjunction with the Laganside Corporation Mounted on wall of the ICTU Building, Belfast.
2003 Bust of John Hewitt, Writer & Poet
  Commissioned by John Hewitt Bar, Donegal Street.
2002 Chinese Dragons
  Commissioned by the K Club, Dublin.
2002 Emigrant Plaque
  Commissioned by the Ulster American Folk Park.
2002 Titanic Chess Set
  Commemorative 90th Anniversary Chess Set donated to Belfast City Hall and now in display in the Lord Mayors Office.
1999 Bronze Shiparyard Worker & Full Size Bust of Lenin
  Commissioned by the Kremlin Nightclub.
1999 George Best 18'' Sculptured Figure
  Presented to George Best on the Kelly Show, UTV.
1998 Northern Ireland Political Chess Set
  Large set on display in The Linen Hall Library, Belfast, McHugh's Bar, Belfast and Hillsborough Castle.
1998 Sculpture of Dr Mo Mowlan
  Commissioned bby the N.I Office and presented to the Secretary of State by Anto Brennan.
1998 Life Sized Bronze Bear and Bull
  Commissioned nby The Bear & Bull Pub, Ballymena.
1998 Harry Holkerei, General De Chustelan & Senator George Mitchell
  Commissioned bby the N.I Office for their contribution to the Peace Process.
1998 Mary McAleese
  Commissioned by a private friend.
1998 Richard Branson
  Commissioned by Dr Mo Mowlan.
1997 Former President of the United States Bill Clinton
  Presented to him on his historic visit to Northern Ireland.