Nicholas Finn: About

Nicholas Finn was born in Belfast. As  a self taught artist he has enjoyed sketching and painting for as long a he can remember. His work is mainly inspired by the streets, landmarks and people of his native city.

The heavy oil and acrylic pigments are applied liberally with a palette knife or brush. The paint is often left to sit out an inch from the surface, which creates a feeling of depth and movement.

Nicholas has been able to bring to life the sometimes dull surroundings of the city’s landscape with his use of rich, warm and bright colours. His work focuses mainly on well known architectural features in Belfast, Dublin and London and on the people who live in these urban areas.

Nicholas’ larger canvases grace the walls of many of Belfast’s pubs and clubs. His exhibitions include; Art Wave, Belfast, a solo exhibition at Manor Fine Arts, Banbridge, Belfast Harlequins, Belfast, Phoenix Fine Art, London and Hylands Gallery, Belfast.