Nicholas Finn: The Crown Bar, Belfast

Nicholas Finn: The Crown Bar, Belfast, TQBArt

The Crown Bar at Great Victoria Street, Belfast is a world famous landmark and a must-see for visitors and travellers to Belfast. The history of The Crown Bar dates back to 1885 when highly skilled Italian craftsmen were brought to Northern Ireland to work on the building of Churches. During their time in Northern Ireland, the craftsmen worked on the tiling, glasswork and ornamental woodwork within The Crown Bar. The stained glass windows, mosaic floor and other ornamental detail is reflective of that found in many Churches. The Crown Bar has a magnificent and distinctive style which has been fantastically preserved. It is now a treasured National Trust property and was renowned as one of the greatest Gin Palaces of its time. The Crown is without doubt a unique and memorable tourist attraction and destination and is known around the entire world for its architecture and Victorian charm. Nicholas Finn's painting of the exterior of The Crown Bar captures our City's famous landmark with a fantastic herald of colour. This painting is available to purchase either framed or unframed. For price or further enquiries please contact T.Q.B.Art. Oil on canvas unframed print. 

Price: £120.00
Dimensions: 0cm × 61cm × 61cm

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