Nicholas Finn: The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

Nicholas Finn: The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

The Merchant Hotel is located on Waring Street in the City's stunning Cathedral Quarter and is a five star award winning luxury hotel. Previously, the building was the headquarters for the Ulster Bank. The building is an original listed building and has magnificent architectural design constructed from Giffnock sandstone.   However, what is most interesting about this building is the history behind the design. The former directors of the Ulster Bank were intent on using local talent in the creation of the building and opened the design to artists to submit proposals. The winning design was awarded to Glaswegian James Hamilton. The outcome was a magnificently elegant building with ornate features symbolic of Victorian architecture. Today the building is the epitome of luxury, transporting visitors back in time through an array of themed restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. This print is an important part of our celebration of our city. 

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