Nicholas Finn:The Grand Opera House, Belfast

Nicholas Finn:The Grand Opera House, Belfast, TQBArt

The Grand Opera House is a much loved entertainment venue in Belfast. Located on Great Victoria Street, the Grand Opera House first opened in 1895 with various musicals, comedies, opera and ballet performances and melodramas taking place, presenting lots of laughter, fun and entertainment for locals. With possible demolition of this beautiful building in 1972, the Ulster Architectural Society launched a campaign to save this building and in 1974 The Grand Opera House became the very first listed building in Northern Ireland. Over the past number of years, The Grand Opera House has undergone restoration and refurbishment and in 2000, the deeds of The Grand Opera House were gifted to a newly formed management team 'The Trust' by Northern Ireland Arts Council. The comprar viagra Grand Opera House has since been developed further providing additional space and is now a vital provider of entertainment on Belfast's social scene. The original architecture of The Grand Opera House is still fully intact and visible and Nicholas Finn illustrates this landmark in his painting. 

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