Visconti Pen: Fountain Pen

Visconti Pen
Visconti pen Visconti Pen: Fountain Pen Visconti Pen: Fountain Pen

Only 100 Limited Edition pens have been crafted from dark blue celluloid resin exclusive to this Titanic Edition, the material known to be the “gold of the writing instrument world. The cap of the pen has exquisite, intricate detail which is a representation of the Titanic realised in micro fusion with the Titanic name and a stunning pearl. The bottom of the pen bears its series number eg. 001/100. The pen cap is made from matching dark blue celluloid and is separated from the pen by a thin gold ring. The nib of the pen is 18ct gold and finely detailed, all of which makes this pen a must- have collector item. Filling system is power filler and trims are finished with Marine Brass. 

Price: £995.00
Dimensions: 15cm × 0cm × 0cm

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