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Welcome to TQB Art!

We are a company dedicated to celebrating our city’s local craftsmanship, inspired by great historical figures and landmarks. 

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All our items are made locally in Belfast, they are made by the renowned Anto Brennan who hand sculpts and paints each Chess Set.

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Anto Brennan

Political Chess Set by Anto Brennan.

Anto Brennan is a renowned Belfast Artist and Sculptor specialising in creating sculptured portraits in a range of medium including clay, resin, glass fibre, metal and bronze. He has developed a prestigious portfolio of sculptured artworks inclusive of both private and commissioned projects. He has developed a glittering career working and communicating closely with leading local representatives, US Commissioners, TV Presenters, charities and heritage associations, along with many other high profile clients. Among those who have received Anto’s sculptures are Bill Clinton, Senator George Mitchell, Congressman Peter T King, The late Dr Mo Mowlam, Ian Paisley, Gerry Adams and Seamus Mallon. In 2007 the Political chess set was presented to the RT HON Shaun Woodward MP and now resides in the Lady Grey Room in Hillsborough Castle. Anto’s sculptured chessmen depicting Northern Ireland political personalities garnered unprecedented local and international publicity. 

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